January 2017- South Texas

In January, after a massive ice storm hit the DFW area, we decided to be like geese and head south. San Antonio and Austin is always a pretty good trip, we’ve gone down there in the summer, but this was our first winter trip. We weren’t disappointed…. FIRST STOP? Hamilton Pool. Its a beauty in the summer if you can get in… its difficult to get a permit and with the Texas heat, typical drought (which means flesh eating bacteria 😫) and large crowds, we’ve just never gotten in with our last minute planning.

To get reservations, go to this link:                                      https://parks.traviscountytx.gov/find-a-park/hamilton-pool

We headed out early am and there were only a few people on the trail, it was $11 a person to get in. We hiked over to the falls, then back around to the river.  We did sneak to the top of the falls and got a look around, since in the winter the security is lax at best. The falls were a beautiful turquoise green and had icicles hanging from them.

We went to the graffiti park in Austin (You should bring paint), and we learned Hot Toddy IS worth the wait around the building LOL.  That night we stayed in San Antonio at a hotel overlooking The Alamo. The river walk never disappoints in the winter with all the beautiful Christmas lights, we stopped in at one of the many restaurants and played tourists for a few hours.We had to stay just long enough to eat at Market Square for breakfast, then back to Ft Worth. This trip is what started #onetripamonth, it was quick, simple and cheap between the three of us, and so began the year….






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