March 17′ San Diego

Where else can you go and see the desert🏜, the beach🏝, and the mountains⛰ in 3 days? I’m so lucky to have a friend who lives there, and since everyone always saying I should come visit… well, 2017 was about taking people up on their offers, I was off to San Diego!✈️

We started off our trip heading to the desert. Anza Borrego was having the biggest super bloom in 20 years, and it just happened to be during the week I was there!

I have never seen such a beautiful desert. So full of life, we hiked through Hellhole Canyon to Maidenhair Falls. It was a moderate hike, some rock scrambling and some rattlesnakes. Its an out and back trail, about 5 miles. The palm trees were impressive, as you walk through the desert you feel like you find an oasis and the temperature is cooler from the foliage.

At the end of the hike you’re rewarded with a desert waterfall. Don’t let the photo fool you, its not very big, but the cool water is a good way to feel refreshed after hiking in the desert heat. Even for March, it was fairly warm out. The facilities in this park are very nice, when we came out, we got a hot shower before heading back to the city. Its only a couple hours from San Diego and most definitely worth the drive, although I did get to see it at its very best.

Our next stop was a hike to the Three Sisters Falls. This was a pretty strenuous hike, although we added quite a bit of mileage trying to find the Devils Punchbowl, which we didn’t end up finding. I think its about 4 miles in, mostly downhill, (which makes you think about the 4 miles back, mostly up hill on the way out LOL.) I’m not sure how any of those people hiking down in flip flops with a case of beer made it back out. The Falls themselves are gorgeous, although crowded, its a very popular southern California spot. As you get up to the higher falls, it begins to thin out. Most people are swimming in the bottom pool and the water is cold. They said this was the most water they had seen in the falls, it had been a record year of rain, which is why the flowers were so good in the desert.img_7852


On my last day in San Diego we had to hit the beach, we went to a few local beaches and hiked a small slot canyon near town, we went and saw the sea lions and just hit a few of the local places, including the San Diego Zoo.


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