May 17′ Ramona to Redding (California)

Cedar Creek Falls, San Diego

May I was fortunate enough to fly to San Diego, and jump in the big rig with my friend Tiany Schuster who was on the road to the NFR 2017! Her first stop was in Ramona, a small town outside of San Diego where she was spending a few days prepping for the rodeo. My first stop was Cedar Creek Falls, I hadn’t gotten to stop there on my last trip to San Diego, so thought I should give it a try. Luckily I was on Texas time, (2 hours ahead) so I felt pretty good about getting up early and heading to the trail-head. img_0039It wasn’t crowded at all, I only saw one other person on my way down to the falls. Not a bad hike, good trail, mostly sand, down into the hills, through some trees and across a couple creeks. Its 5 miles round trip, with about 1000 ft of gain.  You also have to have a permit for this hike, but that was easy enough to do on my phone. To get a permit, click HERE. Make sure to take lots of water, as its all downhill into the falls, which means all uphill on the way back. (My experience with all California hikes thus far LOL.) img_0052

The trail is well marked with signs that let you know how far to go, once you go through a fence onto some private land, you’ll know you’re close. img_7871-1

It was fantastic and I had it all to myself, the benefits of being an early hiker. On the way back out, I passed about 20+ hikers coming down, so if you want privacy I suggest getting there early. img_0069

After the Ramona rodeo we drove all the way to northern Cali, where I went to Whiskey Town Falls and Visited Lassen Volcanic.

Whiskey Town Falls

This isn’t a very long hike but it was a tough hike LOL. I think around 1.5 miles but mostly uphill. Decent elevation gain. Northern California is very green and it was a pretty hike through the forest to get to the falls. img_0115

Also very nice, groomed, well marked trail. The falls themselves are 220 ft tall and its only recently people, other than locals, knew it existed. img_0120

After this hike, I drove up to Lassen Volcanic, truly a hidden gem. The park was only open for the first 10 miles or so due to snow, but it was worth the drive.

After all this, I spent some time just enjoying the view, watched the rodeo later that night and caught a plane from San Francisco back to Dallas.


I have become a master this past year at quick trip, getting in some incredible hikes that I’m happy to share!

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