June 17′ ZION/UTAH

Zion… what can you even say about Zion. Its one of the most incredible places I hiked last year. Fortunately we were lucky enough to get a permit to hike the Narrows, and nothing compares.

We flew into Vegas, my destination of choice LOL, and rented a car to drive to Zion, its about 2-2.5 hours to Hurricane, which is the town outside of Zion. I always do these trips the tough way, so we got in about 4am and slept for a few hours in a room my friend had already rented.

Now we didn’t mean to do an 8 mile hike the day before the Narrows, but the originally planned short hike was closed and we decided to trek all the way up to Observation Point. What a clean park! The hike was fairly moderate, and had quite the elevation gain, but the views at the top were breathtaking and absolutely worth the climb!

It took us a couple hours to get to the top, and you feel like you’re sitting on the edge of the world.

We barely made it out of there before the last shuttle went out (its a lonnngggg walk out of the park if you miss the last shuttle) and I literally ran the last mile to ensure we made it! After a good dinner and a night of rest, we got ready for the Narrows. We were staying in the canyon over night, so we were packing gear, we were armed with those ugly water shoes, neoprene socks (definitely worth the money) and a walking stick and we took off. Its about an hour van ride to where they drop you off, you start out in a field, running along side a stream, and slowly get into the rocks. img_8028

You hike most of the day before you get into any real “narrows” but its still a wonderful hike.

When you get to where the rivers meet, the campsites start, the first campsite is amazing, and allows for three campers. We set up camp, a little over half way through the hike. 6c68d19b-1c8e-4099-a0f6-ac5b4a688a1e

Its cold, even in June, the water and moisture from the river, lack of sun, and tall canyon walls make you want a good sleeping bag. I kept using our food for hand warmers LOL. The second day into the hike is where you really get into the Narrows.


The water changes colors, and the slate colored walls start to close in. img_1617

My fit-bit said I burned over 2500+ calories a day and that we ended up walking 26 miles, as you just cross back and forth across the river the entire hike. Its not for the faint of heart, but is definitely worth experiencing. 783617a7-c167-4769-8f9e-c8e76026fedc

LOL this was my pose while resting. Those packs are about 40+lbs. (Check out those lovely shoes!) I recommend a VERY high carb breakfast… you will burn it!

I am returning this year in May to do the Angels Landing Hike (AZ trip) and back in June again to hopefully hike the Subway!

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  1. YES. I love Zion! Loved this post!


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