August 17′ Playa Del Carmen

Playa!!! This is the first time I went to Mexico and wasn’t staying at a resort. We stayed at the Hotel Carmen, near downtown, a modern hotel with quick access to the beach and the town. We were picked up at the airport by a driver, I have friends that stay in Playa often and this is who they use as their driver. It was actually very reasonably priced and gave us quite a bit of freedom!

Hotel Carmen

We wanted to see the sights and our first adventure was spear fishing! We walked down the beach and commissioned a fishing boat for the next morning. He took us to his favorite spot and we had some luck. We brought it all back and a local restaurant cooked it on the beach for us. (Josh definitely caught that octopus!)


We spent quite a bit of our time on the beach, tide pooling, strolling along, so far up the beach that we gave a fishing boat $20 bucks to take us back to Playa later that evening! (I guess we walked a long way!)


The next day we went to check out Tulum and Dos Ojo’s, the cave system near there, its about an hour or so drive, but absolutely beautiful. I was happy with the driver just dropping us off in Tulum, we spent a couple hours strolling around and we were ready to get to the next stop.


Dos Ojos was awesome but the water is colddddd…. even in August, they rent you a suit, but I opted to go without one. You can dive this area too, but I had already decided to dive in Cozumel.


After this we stopped at a local beach for lunch, explored more tide pools and came back to the city.



We did go snorkeling, i saw a HUGE stingray swim right under me. I loved Playa because it wasn’t as touristy as Cozumel, but still pretty safe. I loved spending time with the locals and getting to appreciate some of their culture. This was the first of my three vacations in August, we came back and got ready to head to Big Bend, trading one side of Mexico for the other.img_3315

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