August 17′ Big Bend Texas

Big Bend… in August?! That was my initial response to this trip… who heads to the desert in the worst part of the Texas summer? We do! According to the star charts, this was the best time to head out to get the best view of the Milky Way, and of course Big Bend is dark enough to see it clearly. We took off from DFW with the North Texas Jeep Club along with some amazing nighttime photographers, and headed west.


We had a group campground at the Chisos Basin and had a wonderful view of the Chisos Mountains. Luckily it was a little rainy and we had slightly cooler than normal weather. The next morning is was sunny and we took off for a day of wheeling.


Wheeling in Big Bend is mostly driving desert roads, there are several old mining roads, and gravel roads that go to all the small towns along the border. There is a HUGE fine for wheeling off the roads, so I wouldn’t recommend that. We drove over 100 miles in the desert, it got pretty hot, but the summer storms rolled in again and cooled things off.


Our group probably had about 20 jeeps. We stayed with the pack most of the day.


Towards the evening we broke off to do a little hiking. We went and checked out the Grapevine Hills Trail that goes to Balanced Rock, drove around some more and came back to camp to get ready for the night time shoot.


After finding the perfect spot, we got our night time pics! I tried to do my yoga pose, but with Jeep suspension… it was TOUGH!


Definitely a great place to go visit and I hope to make it back again this year!

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  1. The Big Bend area is one of my favorite places on earth. Viva Terlingua!


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