August 17′ Colorado

I first took off for Colorado to join in on a paddle board yoga retreat in Woodland Springs…  We glamped (This was awesome why doesn’t everyone do this?!) All meals were cooked and everything was taken care of, we had a great campsite on the side of a hill overlooking the lake.  Over the lake was an excellent view of Pikes Peak.


This was a beautiful park, with a view of the crystal clear lake (no swimming is permitted or motorized boating), hiking trails, Aspen groves, and a stream.



My trips tend to be about seeing as much of a place as possible in just a few days, we decided on Hanging Lake, Maroon Bells and Guffey Gorge… and we were off! Morgan is a wander-lusting soul just as I am, and has become quite the travel partner. This was the trip that started all our rendezvous.

I had read that Hanging Lake can be quite crowded, so we woke up at 3am to hit the trail, we got to the parking lot around 5 and we were only met with one other car. Its not a long hike, about a mile and a half, but its all uphill LOL, so be prepared. Pretty well maintained trail, but a headlight was definitely helpful. Many stone steps and crossing over rocks. It was worth the view once we got to the top, we were there only with a local couple who lived in the neighboring town. It was so peaceful and the pictures don’t do it justice. Sadly, I packed out a bunch of trash on this hike, please leave each unique place in better condition than you came.



The hike out was easy (all downhill) and we were hitting the road again! This time through Breck to do a little exploring. We went up to a mountain lake and found an old mine. We didn’t let a little moisture slow us down.


We continued driving all around Colorado eventually making it to Aspen and the famous Maroon Bells, one of the most photographed places in Colorado. I got my yoga pose without getting wet (so proud LOL.) I had tried to do a handstand in Big Bend, but I was pretty sick after getting back from Mexico and I think my equilibrium was off and the Jeep suspension was making it even tougher. This is one of my favorite photos from my travels last year.


Along our road trip, we stopped at several random places just to explore and soak in those Colorado views.


Then we went to Guffey Gorge, a place that is on private land, but many of the locals go here to swim, it was perfect and we had it all to ourselves. We hit this spot in the afternoon before sunset and I was shocked it wasn’t crowded. There is a pretty large falls, many people have died here missing the jump, and some good pools to swim in, it flows out a good ways and we followed the stream about a half mile before we couldn’t go any further.


Of course no trip back to Colorado Springs is complete without hitting up the local stuff.


We explored the town and ate breakfast before we headed back to Denver to catch a plane. I started my last semester of college the very next day, what a great way to end the summer.

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  1. Wow–what a trip! Great pictures. And good for you for packing out other people’s trash.


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