Texas Narrows

Some days I cant believe I get to see all these amazing places I’ve been lucky enough to see these last couple years. This place… The Texas Narrows, is definitely something special, and we were so incredibly lucky to get private access to this ranch.

First off I want to state that if you try to hike in the river, or access this place illegally, by jumping a fence, they will prosecute you. If you don’t believe me… google it.

There are two ranches that border the narrows, and the only legal way to access this is to be invited. We weren’t really sure what to expect, but got invited with a friend we went to Utah with, decided to give it a try, and headed south to Blanco.

We got to the ranch and it was quite a way back in. We pulled up to a small cabin and a gate down to the river, loaded all our stuff and started walking.


From the top… you almost wouldn’t know this underground oasis exists…

When you start walking down, you’re not impressed, it just looks like a normal, dry, Texas river bed. Rugged brush lines the banks, cactus, grasses, and yucca plants… its not until you’re almost on top of it that you really start to see green. The bank about 50 ft west of here is completely dry, and looks as if it has been for some time. We brought ropes, that’s the only way you’re getting from pool to pool when the water isn’t completely flowing.

Because it was such a hot Texas day… we decided to swim the length of it… probably about a half mile. The water is a cool 70ish degrees and you see trout, catfish, gar, turtles, and minnows swimming all around the aqua green water.

It felt so much bigger swimming down than it seemed when I was looking in at the top.

It truly is one of the most unique places I have been in Texas and I understand why so many try to hike to this spot.

Maidenhair Ferns grow all along seeps and springs in the Texas Hill Country. We swam and hiked around until sunset. Enjoying every minute of the beauty Texas has to offer.

Jumping from the top into the 40+ ft deep pool was one of the highlights. Again, I wouldn’t recommend going here illegally. If you are ever offered an invite… make sure you make the trip!


The Ranch at sunset.

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  1. Awesome! Why haven’t I heard of this place? I’m only about 3 hours from Blanco. I love the picture of you jumping.


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