September 17′ San Juan Mountains Colorado

We flew into Denver and began the long drive to the San Juans… about 6 hours. None of us had ever been to Ouray and Telluride and we had our sights set on Island Lake and Ice Lake. The trail is about 8 miles and around 3,000+ ft of gain, not for the faint at heart! We began our accent early in the morning and watched the clouds burn off the mountains.

One the way up it was pretty colorful, we took a side trail to see a water fall and enjoyed the Aspen groves.

Crossed beautiful meadows with black bottomed streams.

It was quite the hike up, but you are so generously rewarded once you reach the top.

The ice blue water is like none you’ve ever seen and is probably my favorite mountain hike in Colorado thus far.  You have the option to go left to Upper Ice Lake (where an old mine shack still remains and it backs up to a mountain) or go right and start the hike up to Island Lake. We chose both. Of course.


Island Lake


The view on the way up to Island Lake that looks back over Lower Ice Lake


It truly was a colorful Colorado moment. I definitely recommend this hike and would love to go back and camp it some day.

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